Vario Rig

Use exactly what you need

With the Panther Vario Rig you are able to combine a lot of components from our accessories program to build low and high rigs in exactly the size / length you need.

The graphic below shows you all Vario Rig parts. You are completely free to combine whatever you need.


See what is possible

The following pictures are just a few examples to show you what is possible.

Low Rig for Dolly
(can also be used as a High Rig)

Flexible direction and adjustment for a Mitchell 4-Way Leveler

Low Rig for Jib arm
(can also be used as a High Rig)


See the single parts

Double Bracket short (176657)
and Double Bracket long (176674)

Extention Tube
(codes for various sizes shown in the graphic above)

Tube Connector

Clamp Ring


Holder & Counter Weight Arm
17853 & 310836

(8 kg / 18 lbs & 15 kg / 33 lbs) 
114191 & 104378

Double Euro Adapter

Euro Offset Brackets (codes in above graphic) and Combi Offset Bracket (302454)

Bowls (75mm - 150mm)
Codes in above graphics

Mitchell Plate
and Mitchell Leveling Plate
136909 & 177841

Euro Adapter Mount