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The name says it all

The Panther Flex Arm is a very flexible arm to mount accessories such as monitors, lighting equipment, etc. exactly there where it is needed. Due to the flexible arm design you can position everything individually.

It is available in 2 different versions:

  • F lex Arm 1/4" (310481)
  • Flex Arm 3/8" (310482)

Flex Arm 1/4"

Flex Arm 3/8"




The Flex Arms can be combined and extended exactly the way you need them. You can make them long, longer and even longer.

You can attach one arm to another arm - no matter what you need: your creativity has no limit


Use it as Dolly Handset Arm

To use the Flex Arm as an arm for your dolly handset we offer an Adapter 3/8" (310487).

This helps you to position your dolly handset exactly where you need it.