Single Axis Unit

The Single Axis Unit SXU-1 is a simple single channel hand unit that can be set up to control focus, iris or zoom.

Single Axis
The Single Axis Unit SXU-1 is a simple single channel hand unit that can be set up to control focus, iris or zoom. The SXU-1 can be used along the WCU-4 for separate iris control, perhaps operated by the cinematographer in situations where subtle exposure adjustments are required during travelling shots. Alternatively it can be used with the SMC-1 single motor controller, providing a simple, low cost option to productions that do not need multi-axis wireless lens control.

Backlit Focus Knob
The super-smooth focus knob contains an integrated light source that shines through the wide focus ring in low light conditions, thus providing clearly readable focus marks at all times.
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Optional Mounting Options
The optional Rigger Grip (K2.0000849) handgrip for SXU-1 includes UNC 3/8“–16 treads on two sides that allow mounting the SXU-1 on C-stands and other common on-set rigs.  

Exceptional Quality and Service
The SXU-1 embodies the reliability and durability for which ARRI is famous. Wear and tear parts are replaceable at rental level, and the worldwide ARRI Service network ensures rapid second level support if needed. New firmware versions can be installed to the unit via SD card. 
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Compatible to:

  • Universal Motor Controller UMC-4
  • Single Motor Controller SMC-1
  • ENG Motor Controller EMC-1
  • Active Motor Controller AMC-1
  • ALEXA Mini
  • ALEXA Plus
  • ALEXA Plus 4:3
  • ALEXA XT Plus
  • ALEXA SXT Plus
  • ALEXA Studio
  • ALEXA XT Studio
  • ALEXA SXT Studio
  • ALEXA 65
  • ARRICAM, ARRI 416PLUS, ARRI 435 Extreme equipped with white radio (basic functionality) 
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Focus knob: LED backlit rotary knob, 3.0” diameter

16 bit native encoder resolution
Display: Backlit transflective LC-Display (readable in bright sunlight) 
1.2 inch diagonal
Housing: Durable and robust housing made of high-strength anodized aluminum
Mass: Approx. 700 grams including battery
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Power Supply: NP-FM500H battery (Sony) or compatible batteries 
BC-QM1 battery charger (Sony) or compatible chargers

Power via LCS cable through ARRI camera (cabled mode) or Hand Unit Power Supply HPS-1
Operating Temperature: -20°C to +50°C
Software Updates: Via SD card
Supplied Accessories: 1x user manual (English)

1x lanyard 
1x plain white focus ring