ARRI cforce mini RF


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ARRI cforce mini RF lens motor unveiled

The ARRI cforce mini RF is an intelligent lens motor with an integrated radio module, which eliminates the need for an additional camera-mounted receiver unit. 

The cforce mini RF combines a selection of well proven components with new and refined ones. Based on the widely-adapted cforce mini motor, it includes the latest iteration of ARRI’s white-coded radio module with improved interference resistance, and six additional radio channels compatible with the soon to be released WCU-4 SUP 3.1. 

It comes with the solid high-quality outdoor antenna already used on the UMC-4 motor controller. 

The ARRI cforce mini RF can pair with up to three hand units for split focus, iris, and zoom operation, and provides full lens data for focus mapping and lens data display with the WCU-4 hand unit.

Using the LBUS interface, the system can be expanded with two additional cforce motors, while the new CAM connector provides a versatile interface for power supply and run/stop control. 

It is compatible with all ARRI cameras as well as those made by other professional camera manufacturers.