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At the present time, the demands of modern production are particularly high.
There is much produced - with complex tasks. With high safety awareness and little budget. And even less time and staff.

Panther took into consideration and found an intelligent solution to these problems. The Foxy Pro, a unique and patented crane concept. The next step of filmmaking.


Easier than ever before.

Outrigger Foxy Pro 150cm (302256)
main outrigger

Outrigger Foxy Pro 115cm (302257)

Outrigger Foxy Pro 85cm (302258)


The Foxy Pro camera crane is again one step ahead!
We wanted users have a faster, easier set up with this crane.

By using identical outriggers everywhere bracing is required,
the Foxy Pro can be converted into different lengths quickly and easily.

Anchor Pole Axis

For the cranes’ bracing we designed a special Anchor Pole Axis (302090). All outriggers are equipped with a hole for the Anchor Pole Axis. You can place it quick and easy where ever it is needed.

Outrigger Tail

The Outrigger Tail (136770), which previously could only be ordered as an accessory, is now standard included with the Foxy Pro!

It is needed on both ends of the crane to mount the counterweight bucket, platform or remote head mount.


Let's start

Crane Base

It all begins with the Big Base (200183) which is the main base for all Foxy Pro Crane configurations.
It is designed to ensure greater stability and security.

By simply turning the base 90° you can choose between 62cm and 100cm track gauge.


To have maximum flexibility with your Foxy Pro, the Big Base comes with two different Steering Modes:

Front and 4-Wheel Steering

A diameter 40cm / 1.3ft
provides a stable platform


Improved longer spindles offer more adjustment for uneven ground


Integrated brake for track wheels

Quick lock for easy wheel change



Patented storage concept

Form Follows Function

The Foxy Pro Pyramid is designed in such a way that it can be used as the storage point for all crane parts.

The patented construction facilitates easy transport and orderly storage of all elements of the Foxy Pro Crane.

This storage solution allows one person to transport the crane to the location site single-handedly without multiple trips.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between 3 different pyramid sizes.
They differ in their height and the number of stowable outriggers.
Every pyramid fits perfectly to the Big Base.
It is also possible to mount the pyramid somewhere else (for example camera car).

Pyramid Foxy
for up to 3 outriggers

Pyramid Foxy
for up to 5 outriggers

Pyramid Foxy
for up to 9 outriggers


Choose the one you need

In addition to the standard Counter Weight Bucket for 39 Weights (169310)
there is also a smaller one for 18 Weights (127098) available – perfect for more compact Crane or Jib versions. In some cases you will need an additional Counter Weight Bucket for 4 Weights (301850)
which is necessary if you need maximum payload (only some versions)

Counter Weight Bucket for 18 Weights

Counter Weight Bucket for 39 Weights

Additional Counter Weight Bucket
for 4 Weights


Included in every new Foxy Pro. Upgrade available for older versions.

Upgrade your previous Foxy Model

The Foxy Pro Upgrade Kit (301518) is an anchoring system which amplifies each outrigger. The result is an increased payload on the platform or remote mount of up to 10%

Even if more payload is not required, there is an additional safety of up to 50%. An important safety aspect when dynamic forces are higher than expected (crane mounted on vehicles etc.)

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Be as flexible as possible

We want to give you the maximum flexibility with our equipment. We think beyond the traditional roles of a crane to offer accessories and adapters that support a variety of equipment in addition to cameras.

Light Adapter (134164)

The Light Adapter supports tubes between 25mm and 35mm. It is the perfect tool to mount lighting equipment and accessories on your Foxy Pro. You can mount it in standing or hanging position.

These adapters allow the crane to be used for a variety of purposes. With a high payload of up to 50kg / 110 lbs the adapter covers almost all lighting sizes.


Platform or Remote. Now even more powerful.


The platform version of
the Foxy Advanced features 4 variants.

From 2.8 m up to 7.3 m length there is no limit to your creativity.


The remote version offers 8 standard variants as well as many special variants.

Adjust your Foxy Pro to your needs.
From 2.7m up to 13.2m length you will find something for every situation.

Foxy Pro Jib

The Foxy Pro can be used as a Jib Arm by using the Euro-Foxy Adaper (159541). Use your Panther dolly as the base.

Dollies without an electro-mechanical column can also be used for the Foxy Pro Jib

This example shows the Foxy Pro Jib mounted on the Buddy Plus dolly using a bazooka.