designed to be in focus

Available from a single motor system for wireless focus control to a full 11 motor 3D broadcast package, cvolution is the only LCS that can grow with you.

The most versatile LCS system

evolves with your needs

Of­fering basic and advanced configurations, cvolution can control up to 5 axis through a single hand unit or share wireless motor control between 4 separate operators. 

The cvolution camin range can recognise and control most popular digital servo motors in the market, while the ‘white RF’ hand unit can also communicate directly with ARRI Alexa Plus cameras. 
For distance measurement you can use our high performance laser cfinder. Of course the cvolution system is also compatible with other distance measurement tools, such as ARRI`s UDM, cinetape or the MK3 Wards Sniper of Focus Technologies LLC.


offering over 30 features 

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What's great about the cvolution system? Well it allows me to get through the toughest jobs. 

We have done a lot of run and gun documentary style shooting on Amazon's Transparent show. The mechanical hardstops helped me a lot to be on point each time.

Gunnar Mortensen 1st AC, Owner Operator,  Los Angeles



cvolution hand unit

Quality made in Austria:
The cvolution hand unit is a high quality tool for every focus puller.

The cvolution hand unit evolves with your needs. Start with a knob only for single axis control and add a zoom module and up to three sliders any time.

Advanced Options:
Choose between a basic knob or an advanced knob, offering mechanical hard stops, torque adjustement and internal backlight illumination for your marker rings. 

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camin 3M

The camin 3M is a very small motor interface with high functions. 3 Motor ports to 
drive most standard digital motors, one LBUS port for up to 3 cforce motors, one CBUS port to connect CBUS devices, an EXT connector for camera interface and one Analog port offer you the highest compatibility you would dream of. 

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ARRI compatibility: 
As the cvolution system is using the same RF module as ARRI, it is also compatible with all ARRI cameras, which have integrated RF-modules inbuilt, like ALEXA Plus and ALEXA Mini.

Range finder compatibility :
The cvolution system is compatible to all standard range finders, like UDM, Cinetape, Ward Sniper or cmotion`s cfinder III. It also integrates in the advanced Easy Focus system.

Motor compatibility:
The cvolution system is compatible to standard digital motors like ARRI, Preston, Hedén or Indiecam motors.

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cfinder III

As the cvolution system does offer autofocus, the cfinder III is an ideal add-on component for this system. It offers super fast and precise distance measurement.


Simply connect the cdistance to your cvolution hand unit and have a super bright and clean distance read out. It works with the cvolution hand unit, compact LCS hand unit and soon with the WCU-4.

additional zoom control

Both the pan-bar zoom and steady zoom make a great combination with the cvolution but also work as a stand alone zoom solution.

fastening tools

Our fastening tools do offer an ideal solution for either mounting additional equipment on the camera or on the hand unit ( monitors)