cfinder III

infrared laser range finder - range from 0.3m to over 150m

Your tool for keeping in focus

cfinder III is the smallest, lightest and most advanced laser range finder ever developed by cmotion. Using a  certified class 1 laser , cfinder III can accurately measure up to  10x faster  than regular ultrasonic devices and measure distances up to 150 m. 

cfinder III can be used directly with any cvolution or ARRI system as well as a range of other systems supporting ARRI‘s UDM protocol. When used in combination with cmotion lens data or ARRI LDS, cfinder III can provide a sophisticated auto-focus solution.

The in-built multi-function display not only displays a high resolution distance read-out but also a clear navigation through the cfinder III‘s menu. As with previous generations of cfinder, a reflector sight can be mounted to allow the operator to track a moving subject independent from the camera.

Technical specification

power supply
7,5 - 35 V DC
power consumption
max. 4 W
538 g (1.19lbs) with reflector sight; 331 g ( 0.73 lbs) without reflector sight
101 x 52 x56 mm (3.97 x 2.05 x 2.21 inches)
display size
31 x 26 mm (1.22 x 1.02 inches)
temperature range
-10°C to +60°C
measuring range
1 - 150 m; approx 3.3 - 492 ft (depending on environmental conditions / target surface, color and reflectivity)
+/- 5cm; approx +/-2 inches (depending on environmental conditions / target surface, color and reflectivity
speed of measurement
300x / second
2x LBUS, 1x serial interface

Yes, both, the measuring laser and the adjustment laser are certified as eye safe. However staring into any visible class 2 laser may cause permanent eye damage.