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Gecko Rotating Plate Kit

Wheel and disc device for smooth and non- jerky movements

slip friction clutch to protect the motor for overworking.

Designed to be used with weights up to 100 kg.

Precision-motor-gear-block with 12V/0,5Amax

4 tapholes with thread diameters M5.

Base with 4 drill-holes for fastening (diameters: 8,3 mm)

dimensions:                 15,4 cm x 4 cm x 15,4 cm

weight:                        2,4 kg

material:                      aluminum



 infinitely-variable speed adjustment

input voltage:              12 – 24 Volts

output voltage:            0 – 12 Volts, stabilized (DC-DC Converter)

input socket:               XLR, 4 pol., (Sony norm)

output socket: 6,35 mm audio plug



 standard cable 2 pol.

plug:               two of 6,35 mm audio plug

length:             3 meters



 input voltage:              100 – 240 Volts

output voltage:            12 Volts, stabilized

output:                        max. 1,3 Amps

adapter for Europe and United states included

adapter for other countries optionally available



Gecko Lens Clue

Lens clue with 1 pair of pins.

Normal          GC.00145.0

Long               GC.00175.0 

Extra Long     GC.00.180.0

Working Base For Fixed Focus Lenses

The new working base for fixed focus lenses was built to hold your lens. Featuring the Pl-Mount, you are free to work normally or upside-down with the matte box connection ring. Working on your lens has never been so easy.

The base can accomodate. ( 75/80/87/95/110/114 mm dia. )


Working Base PL Mount

Our new working base with PL-Mount is made for large and heavy zoom lenses. With this tool you have a stable stand while working on your zoom lens.